Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Start a Business Raising a Humming Bird

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Hello readers and gentlemen, on this blog I want to review the opportunities and how to raise birds Murai stone.

previously some explanation of the species:

Murai Batu

Murai scattered stones from the area of ​​Indonesia:
 a. Murai field (25-30cm long tail)
 b. Murai Aceh (tail length 24-28cm)
 c. Murai Bengkulu (tail length 20-24cm)
 d. Murai Nias, (tail length 20-25 cm)
 e. Murai Jambi, (tail length 23-27cm)
 f. Murai rock Lampung (tail length 15-20 cm)
 g. Murai Borneo (tail length 12-18cm)
 h. Murai Larwo (8-10cm long tail)

Characteristic distinguishing between male and female magpie is more shiny black fur or sharper,
magpie while females tend to be more dull.
 Make animal cage:
  - Ideal cage size 2x3x2, but the bigger the cage, the bird
    will take more healthy because it can fly more freely to and fro
    as in natural
  - Cage made of wood / iron and strimin
  - Given the few places in the cage cage (Glodok) can be placed
     2 to 3 pieces
  - In place plant life and pond water (the water flows better)
  - The roof of the cage do not completely closed, no part of the roof is left open for a

 How to choose a good sires:
  - Choose healthy males and females were morbidly flawed
  - Males can be derived from the forest (forest young / mature forest)
  - Females cultivated from captivity
  - Select a manly posture straight, headed "Papak", black-footed,
    half the width of stems
  - Posture females: select who are not obese, and try to coat color
    clean gray, half stem width.

 How to match:
  - Cages females and males always brought closer until they appear along
  - On the first day EF males and females can be given the same 10 cows
  - On the second day EF reduced to 5 females, males remain in the initial portion.
  - On the third day the female EF removed, males plus, with the aim of
    males will approach the female and male cage with females fed EF quota.

  How to Care Puppies:
  - After 1-2 months surrounding area paired birds will soon spawn, at hatching
    EF should be reduced in order to lower the heat, because if the bird in a state of lust
    will eat / destroy their own eggs
  - In the EF overfeed given as much to be faster seedling growth
  - During the period of 25 days can be taken and the birds are loose themselves in the hands of man.

 Estimated Capital Raising magpie stone
  - Broodstock Murai
  a. Murai Medan
   Males Medan: Rp.4.000.000
   Females Medan: Rp.1.500.000
  b. Murai Lampung Super
   Males Lampung: Rp.3.000.000
   Females Medan: Rp.1.500.000
  c. Murai Lampung
   Males Lampung: 2,500,000
   Females Lampung: 1,000,000
  d.Murai Nias x Medan
   Males Nias: Rp.1.500.000
   Females Medan: Rp.1.500.000
  - Land
  - Cost of Making the cage
   Kayu@15.000x15: Rp.225.000
   Strimin (2 rolls): Rp.260.000
   Asbes@75.000x2: Rp.150.000
   Nails etc.: 50,000
   Total: Rp.685.000
  - Feed
   Voer (one brand): 10,000
   Crickets / 2kg: Rp.120.000
   Kroto (ant eggs) / ounces: 20,000
   Total: 150,000
  CAPITAL (sires field): Rp.6.185.000
 Sales puppies
  Murai Medan
   1 Install: Rp.2.000.000
   Males: Rp.1.500.000
   Females: Rp.700.000
  Murai Lampung Super
   1 Install: Rp.1.500.000
   Males: Rp.1.100.000
   Females: Rp.500.000
  Murai Lampung
   1 Install: Rp.1.100.000
   Males: Rp.800.000
   Females: Rp.400.000
Each 1x spawn spawn generally 3 to 4 eggs, and will spawn again in the next
approximately 1-2 months except during breeding moult. The above list is based on experience
personal and market price around where I live. If there is any explanation or lack
the accuracy of the prices sincerely apologize if any excess refunded please hehehe chief business schools most reliable

 please critique suggestions or can invite us share2 :) my bb pin: 315ED069